Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free Technology for Teachers = best blog ever (besides this one of course!)

Free Technology for Teachers (www.freetech4teachers.com) is an amazing resource for integrating technology into the classroom; I could definitely spend hours exploring this site before I really felt like I had a good grasp on what all it has to offer!  The best part about it, of course, is that everything is free!  So often I am searching online for the perfect activity and/or graphic organizer, and right when I think that I found it I receive the dreaded, “FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY” message, this does not seem the case here.  The blog also seems pretty well organized and easy to navigate with clearly labeled links. 

A few personal highlights include the following: instructions how to create a quiz using Google forms for quick and automatic grading; a link to ABCya.com – a FREE website with math, typing and word games for elementary grades; a link to free teacher printables; “47 alternatives to using YouTube in the classroom”, including school tube (where you can share and view students’ work), teacher tube (for and by teachers), Snag Films (contains free, full length documentaries), and CNN  Student News (presents current stories that appeal to school aged children); instructions and a template for creating a fake facebook wall for fictional/historical characters; and specific links for more math, science and social studies resources.

I can definitely see myself using this blog a lot in the future, as I (hopefully) efficiently and effectively integrate technology into my classroom. 

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