Thursday, June 14, 2012

EdReach Podcast

I recently watched episode #31 – “Schools Need Social Media Directors?!” on EdReach and although I found sections of the episode really interesting, overall I’m not sure I found it worth the hour plus I spent listening/watching.  At the beginning of the episode, the host, Dan Rezac, facilitated a really interesting conversation asking each participant if they had to choose one device for one-to-one technology what it would be.  The overall consensus was that it was not a “one size fits all” but rather depended on what was going to be done on it.   The educators also shared their favorite educational video clip, responses included a documentary clip, a Bill Cosby commencement speech and the old “Prelude to War”, a well-known historical film used as propaganda during WWII.  Towards the end of the podcast, the participants demoed new technology they’ve come across that they have/are going to use in the classroom, which was cool. The last few minutes consisted of a RoundTable discussing the recent hiring of a Social Media Director in a California school district. 

I personally am not a huge fan of talk radio, so I’m not surprised this wasn’t my favorite activity.  I LOVE the idea of my students creating their own podcasts to share their knowledge, and I think it can be really beneficial for them to watch/listen to certain podcasts.  I wouldn’t disregard podcasts entirely as a source of professional learning in the future, but it probably wouldn’t be my first choice. 

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