Friday, July 20, 2012

Cell Phones in Class?? Duh!

I thought this article, “5 Reasons to Allow Students to Use Cell Phones in Class” on was awesome.  I literally wanted to quote every single point Michael Soskil made because I thought they were so great!  Since I’ll be teaching 2nd grade in the fall, this type of article isn’t as relevant to me as middle and high school teachers, but it definitely gives you something to think about.  As Michael points out, if we’re preparing students for life after school then shouldn’t we allow them to use the tools they’ll be using when they get there?  A lot of people I know use their fancy smart phones for calls, texts, emails and apps like Pinterest and Facebook; imagine if we all knew how to REALLY use these phones!  Another great point Michael made, and I’ve heard others make a similar comment; school budgets are tight, why not utilize the technology available? (aka the students’ phones!) 

I thought it was pretty funny when he started ragging on teachers saying that students can use them to cheat on tests; well if your test is straight recall and it’s that easy to cheat on, you should probably write a better test!  They’re not cheating, they’re collaborating!  I also liked the comment about using this as an opportunity to teach students responsible ways to use their technology, they’re going to use it regardless, and you might as well teach them how. The only thing I didn’t really agree with was the “no double standards” comment; I see what he’s saying, but I don’t think it is important enough to include in this post, and doesn’t really add to the “argument”.  I think some double standards are part of childhood and growing up, I don’t think a kid should get everything an adult has, they need to wait their turn and earn it!  Overall though, I think this is a great article and I think full cell phone use in schools is right around the corner...

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