Thursday, July 19, 2012

Screen Out the Mean!

From what I’ve had a chance to look at so far, I think is an awesome website!  I searched for some 2nd grade lessons, and it came up with a lot more than I was expecting – eight! Maybe I’m still stuck in the 90s, but for someone who didn’t get their first screen name until Middle School; this kind of blew my mind.  Cyber bulling is a topic that interests/terrifies me, so I took a few minutes to read through the lesson “Screen Out the Mean”, which is part of the “Connected Culture Unit”.  I thought the lesson was easy to relate to and straight forward, and even includes a free “STOP Cyber Bullying Student Handbook”, as well as extension suggestions.  Depending on how much time you had, the lesson could easily be shortened or expanded on and still be relevant to the students.  I am definitely going to be bookmarking this page, and hope to use a couple lessons with my 2nd graders this year! 

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