Friday, July 13, 2012

Who Cares about Ancient Egypt, anyways??

Ancient Egypt isn’t just a thing of the past!  My digital story is about the major contributions of Ancient Egypt, targeted towards my future 2nd grade audience! Enjoy!

To create my digital story, I used “PhotoStory”, which is a free Windows software.  The biggest challenge I ran into was recording and coordinating the sound with the pictures.  I was recording my entire script while clicking through the pictures, which was somewhat distracting, and if I made a mistake then I would have to re-record the entire story. 


  1. Molly,
    Awesome work. This was a great why to hook your 2nd graders into what they are going to learn. The pace of your narration was excellent. The visuals were great. My only suggestion was to include questions at the end of this video to extend the learning.
    Great job...full credit.

  2. Molly, your video made me LOL several times :)I liked your attitude voice and teacher voice. I think that kids would be really engaged and want to learn more about Egypt after watching this video. I liked the hiero-WHAAT?! That was great, because it could be a difficult word for second graders to wrap their heads around, and they might be more likely to remember it when you say it like that. You rock!!

  3. Molly, this video is totally AWESOME! I would love to use this with my second graders. I love it!!!! Great job!